Youth Development

The Youth Development Program provides enrichment activities that help nurture and develop youth ages 6-12. The program develops youth in the areas of academics, life skills, civic engagement and creative expression. An After School Program and a Summer Fun Camp give youth opportunities throughout the year to participate in positive play while promoting learning. All IAC youth programs are free for participants.

After School Program

The after school program serves 6 to 12 year olds. Three components of the program – academic assistance, recreational time, and physical fitness activities – promote positive youth development and overall wellness. After a healthy 3:30pm meal provided by the Greater Chicago Food Depository, students participate in one hour of homework / tutoring sessions and one hour of structured recreation / physical activity. The day-to-day assistance and monitoring of homework completion helps to increase overall academic performance, while the recreational and fitness aspects help to promote youth fitness, health, and teamwork skills in a positive environment.

Summer Fun Camp

The Summer Fun Camp also serves 6 to 12 year olds. The Camp promotes physical fitness, healthy eating, and academic / cultural enrichment through organized activities and free, healthy meals. Students in the program also participate in several field trips throughout the summer to local cultural and educational institutions in Chicago.

The Summer Fun Camp also gives local teens in the community opportunities to participate in summer internships that expose them to the youth development field. Interns who facilitate and lead all summer camp activities can acquire marketable skills in youth development while learning the value of public service and community engagement.