Workforce Development

Funded by United Way of Metro Chicago and Illinois State Treasurer.

Indo-American Center’s Workforce Development Program provides individualized and culturally competent services by connecting clients to the resources they need to find, secure, and retain self-sustaining employment. The program offers a comprehensive approach to guiding clients toward job placement through English-language learning, computer literacy, job readiness training, one-on-one career counseling, referrals/placement assistance, and follow-up services. 

This program is available to adult residents of Chicago with permanent work authorization who are looking to be engaged in sustainable employment. This population may include, but is not limited to, students with at least a high school diploma or equivalency, public housing residents, unemployment recipients, low-wage incumbent workers, dislocated workers, and immigrant or refugee populations. 

English Literacy Classes

Building from IAC’s Adult Literacy Program model, the career-based literacy track is offered after students have demonstrated basic English-speaking abilities and integrates computer education with a focus on long-term career planning and job readiness.

Prior to enrollment, all clients are required to complete a computer literacy pre-test, supply a resume or list of work experience, and provide proof of their ability to work in the United States. Reading and writing skills are formally assessed through the Basic English Skills Test (BEST), an exam that test adult learners on a variety of functional tasks requiring basic literacy. Clients’ listening and speaking skills are informally assessed through an interview that asks general questions regarding background and education. Student Performance Levels (SPL) assess listening comprehension, oral communication, reading, and writing. Adult learners are assigned to the appropriate class depending on their BEST score, the results of their interview, and their SPL score.

Job Readiness Training and Workshops
Students who have completed four levels of literacy training will be trained in U.S. workplace customs and will be prepared with job-readiness skills such as resume writing, orientation practices, workplace professionalism, effective communication, problem-solving skills, customer service, self-management, and dependability. Additionally, these individuals will learn to use technological tools for communication through email, telephone, facsimile machines, resource rooms, and labor market information.

Monthly workshops will be offered and will cover topics such as resume writing, interview skills, and financial planning. These workshops are available to students with specific job skills needs, as well as the broader community. 

Financial Literacy 
The Workforce Development Program also offers financial literacy workshops to help clients gain financial independence and stability. The curriculum introduces the U.S. banking system, helps them gain comfort using the system, develops their individual financial planning skills and grow positive habits for spending and budgeting earned income.

Workshop topics may include couponing, budgeting, banking, taxes, credit, identity theft and debt management and is open to everyone.

For more information, please contact our Workforce Development Case Manager at 773-973-4444 X112.