Funded by the City of Chicago, Niles Township, and Argoya World Foundation.

Seniors’ Milan Program

The goal of the Seniors’ Milan program is to help South Asian immigrant seniors fully adjust to their new community within the United States and lead more independent lives. The program incorporates education, active participation in group activities, and hands-on learning.

The “Milan,” which translates as “gathering” or “get-together,” is an effective way to assist seniors in overcoming the social isolation that they often experience after moving to the United States. Every week, seniors watch movies, play games, participate in cultural and educational workshops, and enjoy yoga and light exercise. Throughout the year, they can also attend health fairs conducted in partnership with local healthcare providers and participate in program-related field trips.

Golden Diners Lunch Program

The Milan is followed each day by the Golden Diners Lunch, which provides seniors with hot, ethnic lunches cooked on premises five days a week. Daily lunches are also critical in helping seniors to build their social networks, develop relationships and foster friendships while dining.