The Indo-American Center’s Civics Education Program is designed for clients who need to take the U.S. Naturalization Exam and may be lacking specific citizenship-related vocabulary skills and U.S. History and Civics knowledge. Instructors utilize the “Citizenship: Passing the Test” – Civics and Literacy adult education series. This enables instructors to cover relevant vocabulary, reinforce important grammatical structures and review U.S. History and Civics.   This prepares students for the U.S. Naturalization exam and interview. The instructors also incorporate the US Customs and Immigration Service’s 100 Questions flash cards and N-400 form learning into daily lessons.

For a half hour each day, the instructors also integrate lessons about life after citizenship. They cover topics such as education, healthcare, emergencies, housing, and voting. Community activities and field trips help supplement classroom instruction and teach students how to become civically involved and participate in the political process. Through this holistic perspective, IAC works to educate clients about the path to citizenship and the implications of and the responsibilities that U.S. Citizenship entails.

Clients with very low English literacy levels and clients in need of additional assistance have the opportunity to participate in additional Civics tutoring sessions, which take place during class time in separate learning spaces.